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Shameem Sultanah Abdul Gaffoor is the Founder of ILMHUB by Shameem Sultanah, which aims to inspire, motivate and empower Muslims and Muslimahs to strengthen their faith and connection with our Creator and help them find their strengths from within to overcome struggles and adversities in life.


Her desire to learn more about the Quran and the Arabic Language made her embark on her journey of seeking Islamic knowledge in a school in East Java, Indonesia, Pondok Pesantren Darussalam Gontor. She graduated with a Diploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies. 


She then pursued her B.A. in Islamic Jurisprudence (Syari'ah Islamiah) in Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt.


To effectively spread the knowledge to the community, she saw the importance of understanding the needs of the community and the issues that surround them. Therefore, she obtained a Diploma in Counselling Psychology in Lee Community College in Singapore, equipping her with the necessary skills to address some of the concerns the community have.


Since 2010, she has conducted hundreds of talks and classes in English, Malay and Bahasa Indonesia. Though her main mode of delivery is via Zoom, she is often engaged by various organisations to conduct talks on topics which are or her interest and expertise.

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